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Ministry Model

Here at New Life Community Church, we believe in keeping things simple.  Our focus is less about maintaining specific programs and much more about connecting with people right where they're at on their spiritual journey and helping them move forward in a variety of ways, big and small.
Up | Weekly Gatherings
We intentionally gather weekly with one another to bring our focus upward towards God. Our hope is to come alongside of people who are from all different points on their spiritual journey and engage their mind, heart and actions to love God and love others. We do this by creating a welcoming and accepting atmosphere to experience worship through music, video, generosity, and art as well as teaching, interaction, activity, stories and serving.

In | Small Groups
We meet in small groups gathering with anywhere from 3 to 12 people who want to invest deeper. A small group is a strategic yet practical step in which you engage with one another on a specific topic, for a specific period of time. The topic can be anywhere from a book of the Bible, a discipline, a theme or another relevant book. The goal is to relationally engage with people as you move toward a deeper connection to loving God and loving others. You can also connect with a discipleship track that will help you move along in your growth.
Out | Life Groups
We take the steps to meet and do life with anywhere from 4-34 people. Doing life consists of having a meal together, serving together and having the opportunity to be a part of a small group (IN). This allows people to engage with their mind, heart and actions as we live out what it means to love God and love others. Our desire is for each group to ask the question, "What breaks our heart for our community?" Because if it breaks your heart, it breaks God's heart, and we want to be a part of the things that break God's heart. We also know the impact of many people coming together with a common goal to love on “the least of these” is powerful.
We believe that when folks more towards living out all three of these environments they have the best opportunity to grow as a passionate Christ follower. It is the epicenter of the greatest growth someone can have in their faith journey.

Wherever you are on your faith journey, what do you need to do to step towards one of these environments?  Continue taking steps, as God works and moves in you and through you, so that your mind, heart and actions look more like who Christ created you to be.

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